Tim Bonnett

About Tim Bonnett

Tim has over 25 years experience in the semiconductor, display and embedded marketplace. He joined Alpha Micro Components in September 2014 as a Director. Prior to this, he was the Managing Director of MSC Gleichmann UK Ltd, part of one of the largest Pan European distributors for Design in Technologies, for over 18 years.

Cost-Effective Embedded Display and Touchscreen Development

In a world of retina displays, 4K TVs, 1080p smartphones and touchscreen tablets, display technology is increasingly becoming a competitive advantage for today's embedded devices. While high resolution video may never be a key distinguishing feature for an office printer or home thermostat, an intuitive touchscreen interface certainly can be. Integrating a TFT LCD display, [...]

January 31st, 2017|

Bluetooth in Industrial and Medical Applications

Bluetooth began as a way of providing a consistent wireless interface between mobile phones from different manufacturers and third-party peripherals, such as car kits. It has succeeded phenomenally in that capacity and these days we can now rely on Bluetooth to interconnect all sorts of consumer devices. In 2010, seeing the success of Bluetooth technology [...]

December 16th, 2016|

A simpler route to embedded Wi-Fi

Wi-Fi is a ubiquitous connectivity standard now, especially for tablets and mobile phones. But what's the easiest way to embed Wi-Fi in your own products so that they can take advantage of the extremely large installed base of Wi-Fi hotspots and Wi-Fi enabled devices? Compared to Bluetooth Low Energy, ZigBee, or other wireless protocols, Wi-Fi [...]

November 8th, 2016|

Three ways u-blox wireless communication and positioning tech is making the world better and safer

We want information, and we want it now! Thanks to smartphones, wearables, computers, always-on internet connections and now the Internet of Things (IoT), most of us have come to expect real-time information at our fingertips in an instant. When will my train arrive? Where has the parcel I’ve ordered got to? What’s the weather like [...]

November 1st, 2016|

Advanced transceivers make asset tracking ‘child’s play’

At around 20,000 km above the Earth’s surface there are now at least 55 satellites in orbit, forming two Global Navigation Satellite Systems (GNSS); GPS (also known as Navstar, and owned and operated by the US) and GLONASS (owned and operated by Russia). These will soon be joined by the European Union’s system, Galileo, which [...]

October 3rd, 2016|