Basingstoke, UK – November 2015 – Alpha Micro today announced the availability of the VM810C50 family of compact HMI development modules from FTDI Chip. Based around FTDI’s FT81x series of high resolution embedded video engine (EVE) devices, the VM810C50A-D features a 5 inch WVGA 800 x 480 TFT display together with a resistive touch controls. Comprising a built-in micro speak, audio amplifier, 3-stage audio filter and an LCD backlight control the credit-card sized board uses a SPI slave interface to communicate to the host microcontroller.

The second module in the series, the VM810C50A-N, excludes a display allowing engineers to select the size of screen to suit their application. Connected via the 40-pin FFC interface LCD screen sizes of 4.3 or 5 inch can be accommodated with SVGA, WVGA, WQVGA, or QVGA resolutions, along with a 4-wire resistive touch screen interface.

Both modules can be powered from a 5 VDC supply via the USB Micro-B port, SPI host connector or a 2 mm JST plug.

The FTDI FT81x EVE series of devices combine touch, display and audio capability on a single chip. Using an object-oriented to rendering graphics they can be displayed line-by-line at 1/16th pixel resolution and accommodate display resolutions of up to 800 x 600 pixels.

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